Haylou Watch S8 New AMOLED SmartWatch Under $30

Haylou, a prominent player in the smartwatch market, has unveiled its latest offering – the Haylou Watch S8. Boasting a substantial AMOLED display with a generous 1.96-inch screen diagonal and an impressive resolution of 410 x 502, this smartwatch promises a visually striking experience. The interactive features extend beyond the conventional touchscreen, featuring both a side button and a rotating crown, drawing design inspiration from the acclaimed Apple Watch Pro.

Enhanced Connectivity with a Special Bluetooth Chip

Setting itself apart, the Haylou Watch S8 incorporates a specialized Bluetooth chip to ensure a robust and stable connection. This becomes particularly noteworthy when using the smartwatch as a Bluetooth hands-free device. Seamlessly initiate telephone calls directly from the watch, facilitating contact dialing and number entry. This integration enables the utilization of smart assistants on the wrist, seamlessly connected to your smartphone.

Monitoring Vital Data for Holistic Health

Equipped with standard health-monitoring features, the Haylou S8 goes beyond the basics found in affordable smartwatches. Users can conveniently measure both heart rate and blood oxygen saturation, essential metrics for comprehensive health tracking. While the watch also touts the ability to measure blood pressure, it’s important to note that precision might not match up to the standards set by Samsung’s smartwatches.

Long-lasting Battery Life

Under typical usage conditions, the Haylou Watch S8 boasts an estimated battery life of eight days, courtesy of its robust 270 mAh battery. Striking a balance between performance and longevity, users can enjoy an extended smartwatch experience without frequent recharging. Weighing in at 58.5 grams, this sleek device is available directly from the manufacturer and can also be imported at an affordable price point of around USD 35.

Availability and Options

For those interested in exploring more from Haylou’s lineup, the Watch S8 can be directly purchased from the manufacturer or via direct import channels. Additionally, other Haylou smartwatches are readily accessible through popular online platforms such as Amazon, providing users with a range of choices to suit their preferences and requirements.

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